​​                                        外籍语言教师(英语类)职业培训项目
                                                              Teaching English as a Foreign Language in China
                                                                                —————— TEFL In China Certificate
外籍语言教师(英语类)职业培训项目(Teaching English as a Foreign Language in China, TEFL in China)由国家外国专家局国外人才信息研究中心负责开发和推广,旨在为有意来华从事英语教学工作的外籍人士提供工作质量的保障。为解决当前外籍英语教师供需矛盾及因工作年限不足两年而不能被聘用的实际情况,学员经培训考试合格后获得外专局颁发的外籍语言教师(英语类)职业培训证书和英语类外国文教专家测评合格证明
      培训内容包括两部分:第一部分为 TEFL 教学理论和教学方法,如课堂设计、发音和语法教学、口语教学方法、语言机能讲授方法、中国学生心理及学习特点等;第二部分为外籍英语教师在华工作的法律法规。
Teaching English as a Foreign Language in China (TEFL in China) is developed and promoted by the Information Research Center for Foreign Talents of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. It aims to guarantee the quality of work for foreigners who are interested in English teaching in China. In order to solve the current contradiction between supply and demand of foreign English teachers and the fact that they cannot be employed because they have worked for less than two years, the trainees will be awarded the Professional Training certificate for Foreign Language Teachers (English) and the certificate of Qualification for The Assessment of Foreign Culture and Education experts.
The training content includes two parts: the first part is TEFL teaching theory and teaching methods, such as classroom design, pronunciation and grammar teaching, oral English teaching methods, language function teaching methods, Chinese students' psychology and learning characteristics, etc. The second part is about the laws and regulations of foreign English teachers working in China.
TEFL证书                                                                           测评证明
上海市对外教育教交流中心(SOEEC)是国家外专局授权的全国首家TEFL in China培训中心,连续5年在培训人数和培训通过率两方面蝉联全国第一。
Shanghai Overseas Education Exchange Center (SOEEC) is the first TEFL in China training center authorized by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, ranking first in terms of the number of trainees and the training pass rate for five consecutive years in China.
Ø 中国国家外国专家局官方认可,证书权威性强
Ø 持证申请教学工作,可抵两年教学经验的要求
Ø 课程周期短,满足紧急需求,避免错失就业机会
Ø 浓缩型精品课程,课程内容讲求实际,传达信息准确可靠
Ø 全程专业指导课程学习,并提供就业或实习机会
Ø 官方证书无需第三方机构认证
Ø China State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs officially approves, and the certificate is authoritative
Ø A licensed application for teaching is required to provide two years of teaching experience
Ø Course cycle is short to meet urgent needs and avoid missing employment opportunities
Ø Condense-type boutique course: the course content is practical, and the information is delivered accurately and reliably
Ø Professionally directs course learning throughout and provides employment or internship opportunities
Ø Official certificate does not require third-party certification
             中心资质(Center qualification)
2.    报名要求
Ø 本科或以上学历,对相关工作经验无要求
Ø  来自母语是英语的国家或者英语是官方用语国家的外籍人士  愿意在中国任教
Ø 在校大学生、往届生都可以报考
Ø 对英语教学有兴趣、有意愿从事英语教学工作者均可报考
Application Requirements
Foreign students:
Ø Bachelor's degree or above, relevant work experience is not required
Ø A foreigner from a country where English is the first language or the official language, who     wishes to teach in China
Chinese students:
Ø College student and former students are admitted
Ø Is open to practitioners who are interested in and wish to engage in English teaching